Decades ago, he drove a paradigm shift in pandemic response that focused on controlling the entire human population; his later advocacy of lockdowns and vaccine mandates implemented this vision.
Another excellent piece in response to my essay in American Mind, "Technocracy and Totalitarianism," written by my colleague at the Ethics & Public…
The latest revelation of government intelligence agencies spying on and censoring their own citizens for public health wrongthink. In Orwell's country…
Some good news from our Hoag v. Newsom case, which challenges the "medical misinformation" Bill (CA AB 2098), which we allege is unconstitutional.
Today, journalist Lee Fang dropped a Twitter Files bomb documenting Pfizer's actions to pressure and bribe social media companies to censor information…
With our attorney in Missouri v. Biden case, I published an article in the Wall Street Journal today, documenting how the White House pressured Facebook…
My favorite recent interview, a post-interview Q&A, and commentary from Jeffrey Tucker
You are invited to join this conversation today, following the airing of my most recent American Thought Leaders Interview
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