American Thought Leaders Interview

My recent two-part interview with Jan Jekielek on vaccine mandates, my situation at the University, public health policy, and the threat of a biosecurity surveillance regime

In my opinion, this is the best and most comprehensive interview I’ve done yet on these issues. I’m grateful to Jan Jekielek for giving this topic “room to breathe” and allowing the necessary time to unpack things in some depth. He restored my faith that there are still good, responsible journalists out there who want to get the full story.

Part 1:

In this two-part interview, we discuss the rise of what Dr. Kheriaty describes as medical coercion, perverse incentives in the vaccine rollout, and why he thinks the overwhelming majority of vaccine mandates exclude natural immunity.

Part 2:

Now in part two, we discuss perverse incentives involved in the vaccine rollout, the ethics of testing COVID-19 vaccines on children, and the rise of what he calls “biosecurity surveillance.”

If you’re not yet familiar with this program, American Thought Leaders, I highly recommend Jan’s interviews on relevant Covid topics with my friends Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford (here and here), Martin Kulldorff of Harvard (here and here), Scott Atlas (here), and Robert Malone (here, here, and here).