Thank You For All Your Support

It has been a challenging week, but your support, encouragement, and prayers are keeping my spirits up. I'm more convinced every day that we are on the right path and that we are not alone.

Dear readers: I want to send a brief post to thank all of you who have subscribed or signed up for this newsletter. Thank you also to all who have sent words of encouragement in the comments section of my last post, via email (, or through direct message on Twitter. I want to personally respond to all of you in time, but for now, please accept this note of thanks.

Local physicians have offered me the use of their office space, lawyers have offered to help my legal team pro bono, specialists and non-specialists alike have dug up helpful research and sent it to me, and complete strangers have offered me the use of their vacation cabins for my family to get away and decompress.

I am also grateful that many readers have shared gift subscriptions to this newsletter, and many of you have generously contributed to my Covid-related work in the Health and Human Flourishing Program at the Zephyr Institute. (For those who had some difficulty contributing to this Program on their PayPal donation page, “Health and Human Flourishing” has been added as an option the pulldown menu. A donation there will contribute to my ongoing work on vaccine mandates.) Your generosity has been overwhelming, and I am truly grateful.

Please continue to share my previous post, which now has over 50,000 views on this site, and was republished yesterday by my friend Jeffrey Tucker, who is doing vital work at the Brownstone Institute he founded. Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge published a terrific piece yesterday on my case which included my last post. I will be interviewed live by a guest host on The Ingraham Angle on Fox tonight (FRI 10/8) sometime during the 10PM ET / 7PM PT hour if you’d like to tune in.

If you are feeling isolated in your opposition to coercive vaccine mandates, please know that you are not alone. You may feel like you are the only one in your school or place of work, and it might be challenging to connect with other like-minded people due to the social climate; but rest assured that there are many, many others who share your convictions and concerns. In coming posts, I will share resources and ideas for how to find one another and coordinate your efforts to push back.

Finally, a quick update on my situation at the University. My patients rightfully complained to the University about not being able to see me this month, and the University has since given me permission to treat them by telemedicine. While Zoom is not the same as an in person visit, especially for psychotherapy, I am relieved at least that my patients won’t be abandoned abruptly this month. I still am not allowed to see the patients in the two resident clinics I supervise at UCI, so please keep those patients in your thoughts and prayers as it can be challenging to get used to a new attending physician.

I have much more to write in upcoming posts regarding vaccine mandates, my legal cases, and other legal avenues I am pursuing with a group of stellar physicians and scientists. Stay tuned, and stay strong.