About Human Flourishing

Welcome to Aaron Kheriaty’s writings on bioethics, health policy, and society. Dr. Kheriaty regularly posts updates here on his legal efforts to oppose coercive medical mandates, to advocate for transparency from public health agencies, and to promote just public policies.

The real division today is no longer left/right, liberal/conservative, or even Democrat/Republican. It is between those who will accept a technocratic biosecurity surveillance regime and those who will resist.

About Aaron Kheriaty

Aaron Kheriaty is Senior Fellow and Director of the Program in Health and Human Flourishing at the Zephyr Institute, Fellow and Director of the Bioethics and American Democracy Program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and Scholar at the Paul Ramsey Institute. He also serves on the advisory board at the Simone Weil Center for Political Philosophy.

He is former Professor of Psychiatry at UCI School of Medicine and served as Director of the Medical Ethics Program at UCI Health for many years. Dr. Kheriaty graduated from the University of Notre Dame in philosophy and pre-medical sciences, earned his MD degree from Georgetown University, and completed residency training in psychiatry at UCI.

He has authored books and articles for professional and lay audiences on bioethics, social science, psychiatry, religion, and culture. His work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Arc Digital, The New Atlantis, Public Discourse, City Journal, and First Things. He has conducted print, radio, and television interviews on bioethics topics with The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN, Fox, and NPR. On matters of public policy and healthcare he has addressed the California Medical Association and has testified before the California Senate Health Committee.

Dr. Kheriaty has consulted on Covid related ethical issues during the pandemic, such as ventilator triage and vaccine allocation, for the UC Office of the President, the County of Orange Healthcare Agency, and the California Department of Public Health. On matters of health policy he has addressed the California Medical Association and testified before the California Senate Health Committee.

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