We must oppose this to maintain national sovereignty and democratic norms.
Although lockdowns and other biosecurity proposals were circulating by 2005, mainstream public health did not embrace the biosecurity model until covid.
The CDC has been using phone tracking data to monitor schools and churches. The CIA has also been spying on Americans, with no judicial oversight and…
With a brief discourse on totalitarian regimes and conspiracy theories.
My recent interview and an article on why we need to end the state of emergency and resist the rising Biomedical Security State
On why we tend to vilify and exclude those we disagree with, especially during times of social stress.
In the final installment of this series, guest author Rebecca Strong describes the hypocrisy of "misinformation"
Guest author Rebecca Strong describes Pharma's entanglements with the WHO, CDC, NIH, and FDA.
Lockdowns were not just an untested public health measure. They were a new paradigm of governance.
To see where the Biomedical Security State is headed, look at the ten bills recently introduced in the CA State Legislature. Here's how you can push…
Or how to destroy the social fabric in two simple steps.
Here are a couple recent podcasts I did that may be of interest.