What a beautiful introduction.

The eloquence and simplicity of action that could have transpired, if true science and caring was at the helm.

This transgression cannot be forgotten, as history plays itself before us daily.

Watch. Listen. Be aware.

Beware, of darkness

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Was this deliberately done? That pandemic plans were immediately jettisoned and information of helpful covid treatments suppressed (Dr. Marik claimed that his hospital forbade him from administering Vitamin D) suggests malevolence, not the more innocent incompetence, on behalf of those responsible for the fiasco of covid response. There is something about these "vaccines" that is crucial to what is unfolding.

That we lived through a psy-op is hard to deny. The question is, towards what end? That formerly democratic governments pivoted towards totalitarianism gives us a sneak peek into where we are headed, if we blindly comply. People refusing the mRNA concoctions were scapegoated, vilified, and denied basic human freedoms by their governments. Recently, the Times of London published a column excoriating the unvaccinated. I'm afraid they're not done with us yet.

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Oct 11, 2022·edited Oct 11, 2022

A truly great speech Dr K.

Like I have stated before but bears repeating. So many of kept our jobs because you lost yours. You made them fire you which exposed these measures to be a clown show facade for a bio security state. It was only then that much of corporate America lost their nerve for mandates.

The fight continues. Vaccine harms seem to be everywhere and are grossly underreported.

Again thanks Dr K.

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