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Aaron, I do work with senior NIAID researchers. Most are smart and dedicated to what they are doing. The cognitive dissonance they carry with regard to what they are doing and the noxious performance of the division is a wonder to behold.

Even with this piece, you were far too kind. The deposition was as close to fraud as one gets. It will be interesting to get him on the stand eventually where all of these "I do not know/remember" will not be a good look for their case.

Thanks for soldiering through this all. You are not alone.

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Thank you for this very clear indictment of not only Dr. Fauci, but the bureaucratic system that allowed him to gain so much power, influence and money in recent decades. A shocking and cautionary review of events.

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Thank you Aaron. It’s hard to read this piece and not feel anger rising, as I remember the many horrors inflicted on Americans due to Fauci’s acts, our pandemic policies. I do not personally know a single person who died of Covid. My parents, in their 70s, had two friends die of Covid in the hospital.

But I do personally know of four suicides of friends with more than 20 years sobriety killed by loneliness who found zoom an insufficient substitute for AA. Six more died drunk, alone in their homes. My own sponsor drank, and barely reclaimed her life. For in Fauci’s world, Covid was the only illness that mattered. Had the speech of scientists like you and your colleagues not been censored, perhaps wiser choices would have been made. Perhaps those of us with fatal illnesses could have chosen to continue our preferred treatment, assessing the greater risk, weighing the trade offs, rather than being locked out of the rooms that save our lives one day at a time.

I hope you win. And I hope justice is done. I’m praying for God to help me to forgive Fauci and all who followed his lead.

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Wow this is outstanding and perfectly perfect to share with folks who aren't onto the fraud yet without treading into sticky issues of personal health choices. So many folks so dear to me with blinders for so much it's nice to find a crack to peek in!! <3

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Thank you for laying out Fauci's conflicts of interest so well. It's one of the few ways I tend to get blue pilled people to at least admit certain things are not as they should be. If I approach them on the *principle* of conflicts of interest, versus trying to convince them of the (very real) abuses those conflicts lead to, I can sometimes find at least a small space of agreement, from which to move forward in the discussion.

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Well done, but I would agree that this is still much too soft.

What Fauci has done is a crime against humanity and should be stated as such.

I also feel shame for the numerous physicians who, unlike you, failed to demonstrate moral courage and adherence to the Hippocratic Oath in the face of what occurred. I too am to blame - for not pursuing more forcefully exposing that which I knew were lies as it all unfolded.

May we all have greater resolve in the future NEVER to repeat the egregious errors of the last 3 years! One dictatorial, self-serving physician must never be allowed to prevail over the rest of us like Fauci did. He is a disgrace to the profession!

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Otherwise, great piece.

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