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COVID-19, the Kidnappers, and the Stockholm Syndrome

I submitted a proposal to Sue Hoek and Public Health to end the pandemic. I don’t know if it will be implemented, seriously discussed, or even put on the docket. However, I do know some factors that will affect the vetting process.

In this country we are ignoring evidenced-based medicine and inalienable rights. Differing viewpoints are being suppressed.

I believe forces almost impossible to resist have kidnapped all of us. We have been kidnapped by COVID AND COMPANY with devastating results.

Here is one of the classic examples of Stockholm syndrome.

After the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped Patricia Hearst, she was locked in a room with blindfolds on for days at a time. Without any possibility of escape, she had only two choices, resist and face the consequences, or identify with, even love her captors. She chose the latter. Remember the photos of her robbing a bank holding a rifle?

Who kidnapped us and how did they do it? COVID-19 came from the Chinese communists, the Wuhan Lab, and US funded gain of function research. The company piece comes from the WHO, NIH, FDA, CDC, AMA, big Pharma, “trusted news initiative,” a man called Fauchi, Presidents Trump and Biden, public health, even our friends and family. COVID AND COMPANY kidnapped us.

“But that is impossible,” you say. “They didn’t lock us up and control every aspect of our lives.”


First they continuously injected fear into us with daily reporting of cases and deaths. We couldn’t turn on the TV without being warned about COVID-19, a disease with an overall mortality rate of approximately 1% increasing by age.

Our kidnappers forced us to stay in our homes, abandon our friends, stop work, school, vacation plans, social activities. They told us to wear masks, and now are telling us to get in line for the vaccine or lose our jobs. We have been canceled online for trying to share effective early interventions with each other. When we got symptoms they told us to stay at home, isolate and wait for more acute symptoms. There was no treatment. COVID-19 is bad enough, but COVID AND COMPANY made it worse. What are some of the consequences?

A security guard was escorting ethicist and psychiatry professor Aaron Kheriaty as he was being removed from his workplace at UC Irving for not getting his mandatory jab. On the way out he berated the doctor for threatening his own life because he refused to get the shot. But Kheriaty had natural immunity far superior to vaccines because he recovered from the infection. I saw a woman on TV right after she got the new COVID-19 jab. She was crying tears of joy and gratitude. “Now I am free,” she exclaimed. “I can go back to living the life I want to live.” But she had to go back to her cell with her blindfolds on. She remained kidnapped by COVID AND COMPANY.

Then there is the bizarre mantra for mandated shots: We have to protect the protected from the unprotected. Actually we all have to be protected from the vaccinated because they, thanks to the jabs, are unknowingly carrying, spreading and increasing illnesses in communities.

While at any point in time, higher vaccinated states have lower hospitalizations and deaths compared to lower vaccinated states, overall the cases keep increasing. Israel with its increasingly higher peaks is a good example of that.

We are collectively suffering from a mass psychosis based on irrational fear that is impairing our ability to think clearly. Anyone who challenges COVID AND COMPANY is risking social isolation, even death on a respirator. When my wife told a friend she and four other members of the family had COVID-19 and treated it successfully with ivermectin her friend said, “Well, you are one of the lucky ones.”

Try telling someone that the Pfizer jab was approved based on fraudulent data. Tell them the alleged vaccines are actually making the pandemic worse. See what your fellow kidnap victims say. Tell someone we can end the pandemic and they will say you are delusional. This “misinformation” will be quickly censored.

And finally, if anyone does challenge COVID AND COMPANY, this will threaten a highly profitable enterprise that is more interested in protecting itself and making money regardless of the human cost in disability and death.

COVID didn’t kill all 775,000 US citizens. COVID AND COMPANY killed and are still killing hundreds of thousands of them. No wonder we are still suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

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I just subscribed and I was directed to Twitter to announce that in a post showing your link…and I was not able to post. Perhaps it’s just a case of operator error…but perhaps it isn’t. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks so much.

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Nov 3, 2021Liked by Aaron Kheriaty, MD

Rooting for you and praying for you, too, Doc! I graduated from UCI SOM in June 1993. While I was there, in 1991, some of us medical students across the country interested in genuine medical ethics tried to start a journal called The American Journal of Ethics & Medicine. It was based at the University of Pennsylvania, but I was to be the west coast regional editor. Unfortunately, it never really got off the ground and apparently disappeared in 1994. There is little trace of it online. I believe I may have some of the only printed copies in existence. From the article titles in our last issue, you can see that it wasn't going to be popular in modern society.

I read your book "The Catholic Guide to Depression" while I was recovering from spinal fusion surgery in 2017; not because I was depressed, but because it was so great to see a current worthwhile book from a genuine Catholic psychiatrist. And from my medical school, too! Wonderful insightful reading! I recommend it.

I know something about what you are going through and I hope you land on your feet. Keep publishing. Everything you write has been worth reading!

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Standing with you. Truth will come out bc of brave & honest people. You are one of them.

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I would give but not theough paypal :-(

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Thank you so much

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God speed

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Looking forward to following your case and thank you so much for being brave.

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I believe your courage will be contagious. You have chosen a worthy and noble cause to fight for. We are all rooting for you.

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I admire your courage and dedication to your cause. Incredible human being that deserves all the respect and support! Best wishes from a faraway country in Europe.

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You will win this! The longer this drags on the more evidence will surface to support your case.

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Oct 9, 2021Liked by Aaron Kheriaty, MD

Just subscribed with a $200 donation. As a California resident I will be directly affected by the success or failure of your case. I desperately want you to win not just for you but for the rest of us. It is entirely absurd that we are living in a time where our natural rights to bodily autonomy are being challenged by our illegally installed and unelected corrupt govt. I am sharing your story and this newsletter with everyone in my circle. One way or another we will prevail.

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Thank you for being on the right side of history!

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Good. Stay banned. Get fired because you think you're doing something ethical, because you don't understand ethics. Be a giant Karen. Explain that nobody can tell you what to do. You won't wear your seatbelt. You won't take your vaccine. You're a soverign citizen! The tassles on the flag mean the vaccine is bad. After all, the internet said that other things are better, and I get my science from lawsuits.

And then you'll lose your job, and be unable to work for California again. And then you'll realize no other university wants you either, because your work before your tantrum was low quality, and your tantrum makes clear that you're radioactive. Famous professors lose tenure for ugly words, but somehow you think you'll survive defying doctors during a plague.

And ethics will be better off without you.

And you can write blogs with Scott Adams on Substack about how it's all cancel culture's fault.


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The basics of health are clear. Spelled out perfectly in Dr. Kheriaty lawsuit.

Natural Immunity is far superior to vaccines.

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