What a service Ms. Strong is providing here with excellent investigative journalism. How do we let the masses know? Mainstream media is beholden to (essentially owned by) Big Pharma.

I wonder what avenues other readers might suggest for getting this information in the hands of we the people - worldwide.

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Apr 8, 2022·edited Apr 8, 2022

Great research.

I am wondering why, after such detailed reporting in certain areas, you completely failed to report on a very important detail regarding the criteria for EUA approval by the FDA. You claim that people cannot sue the FDA for the EUA approval. I would challenge that claim and say people CAN and SHOULD be filing class action lawsuits against the FDA precisely for the fraud they perpetrated against the American people in their improper EUA approval.

Straight from the FDA website (https://www.fda.gov/emergency-preparedness-and-response/mcm-legal-regulatory-and-policy-framework/emergency-use-authorization) it says, "Under section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), when the Secretary of HHS declares that an emergency use authorization is appropriate, FDA may authorize unapproved medical products or unapproved uses of approved medical products to be used in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions caused by CBRN threat agents when certain criteria are met, INCLUDING THERE ARE NO ADEQUATE, APPROVED, AND AVAILABLE ALTERNATIVES." (Emphasis mine). The language here doesn't even say the alternatives have to be "safe and effective," (which they were) it simply says the alternatives have to be adequate, approved and available.

There were, in fact, not only "adequate" but also effective off label drugs with decades of safety data available to treat the public for COVID 19. These drugs proved quite "available" and were openly employed with great success in other countries. Even in this country these off label use drugs were used by our government to treat immigrants being illegally ushered into our country.

I'd argue that use of medications by our government to treat COVID in immigrant populations signifies "approval."

In short, our government willfully withheld lifesaving medicines from the American citizenry, directly causing a healthcare crisis in our nation along with considerable suffering and death, while providing these "adequate" and "approved" drugs, at the expense of American taxpayers who were denied access to them, to foreigners. And these foreigners were not in receipt of any second class treatment or medical care. The drugs that the FDA deemed "adequate" and "approved" enough for them were also deemed "adequate" and "approved" to treat the then President of the United States.

I'd say the case is very strong that the drugs which were "adequte, approved and available" for an American President and for illegal immigrants - who are presently an elevated and protected class of people in the United States - would also qualify as "adequate, approved and available alternatives" that should have been distributed broadly to the American citizenry, the American public. The moment that there were adequate, approved and available alternatives, which occurred before the fraudulently mislabeled "vaccines" ever rolled out for public distribution, legality of the FDA issued EUA was negated.

Fraud vitiates all contracts. The FDA and all the others mentioned in this publication engaged in deliberate and willful fraud including the fraudulent approval of EUA for the COVID injections. People should not be discouraged from filing and then winning class action lawsuits against the FDA both for approving EUA in the first place and for the fraud that continues each day they have kept the EUA in place.

Let the lawsuits begin.

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Thanks for reading, Carrie. Admittedly, having spent over 100 hours working on this (unpaid), there were going to be things that I missed in my tireless research. Glad you could add this important info.

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Apr 8, 2022Liked by Rebecca Strong

Thank you, Rebecca. My intent is not to criticize you but to point out that this criminal activity is continuing to go on even now with no stopping mechanism in place. I believe we have to go after the FDA and challenge the Emergency Use approval they authorized. I contacted a representative from the Siri firm you mentioned and received an informative response that I will share below.

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That's great, Carrie, I'm glad you reached out to Aaron's firm and look fwd to seeing their response!

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Apr 8, 2022·edited Apr 8, 2022

A summary of the important details in the response received from SiriLLP is as follows:

1) One cannot sue the FDA until certain administrative remedies are exhausted. You must file a petition with the FDA first and then receive a final response before suing. Then you can bring a civil case against the FDA for claims related to the petition.

2) Citizens cannot bring criminal charges – only the government can do that. (my note - any ideas on how we shall proceed with persuading the government to file a criminal suit against itself or its agencies?)

3) *As far as the “adequate, approved, and available” language, the FDA’s position is that therapeutics are treated separately from preventatives (such as vaccines). So even if there were treatments that were adequate, approved, and available, the FDA would still issue an EUA for a preventative (or vaccine).

4) A petition was filed by SiriLLP (my note - which I have not yet read). Both the filed petition and the FDA’s response are publicly available on the FDA’s docket.

Hopefully those details will be helpful to others who may be considering or actively pursuing litigation against the FDA.

*I take issue with the SiriLLP representative's response regarding the FDA's "position" on therapeutics being treated separately from preventatives (such as vaccines). What is going on America??? Are we really going to continue just capitulating to the continued lies and abuses coming from our "regulatory authorities" without challenging them? Below is a summary of my response to the SiriLLP representative:

1) You stated that the FDA has taken the position that "therapeutics" are to be treated separately from "preventatives." If accurately represented, this position by the FDA is merely an expansion of the evidence against them of their engagement in deliberate fraud. Any FDA "opinion" that therapeutics can not be classified as preventatives is based in neither fact nor medical practice and such an "opinion" must be legally challenged based on the actual facts and medical science.

2) The therapeutics I cited were, with the endorsement and funding of our government and without objection from the FDA, used not only to treat active infections but also and primarily for the explicit purpose of preventing infection from COVID 19. These therapeutics were used both on several elected officials and they were widely distributed (indicating a goal of "prevention" not "treatment") to populations of illegal immigrants entering our country. The simple fact that these therapeutics were distributed on a mass scale to healthy members of immigrant populations outside of any discriminatory testing and targeting for active infections defeats any suggestion by the FDA that there are not "therapeutics" that could be used equivalently as an alternative to "preventing infection" in the same way we would expect any properly functioning "vaccine" to prevent infection. Since therapeutics both did then and continue now to function in a similar preventative manner as a working "vaccine" (which is NOT what the FDA approved for public distribution), the widespread public distribution and approval for use of ANY experimental agent is and has been from day 1, illegal.

4) In asserting that one form or class of drug (that they are financially motivated to approve) is an acceptable preventative treatment and another form or class of drug (with no financial incentives attached) does not qualify as an acceptable preventative, The FDA is blatantly abusing their regulatory authority and engaging in criminal fraud subject to both civil and criminal prosecution.

5) Again, I assert that deliberate and willful fraud by the FDA has been perpetrated on The American People in the approval of the Experimental Use Authorization of the "vaccines." I am asking for your assistance in both filing a new petition against the FDA and ultimately in bringing class action civil charges against the FDA for their original approval of the EUA as well as their ongoing fraud in their continued refusal to rescind the EUA.

*SiriLLC responded that they are not able to represent me at this time and suggested that I file a Citizen Petition on the FDA docket.

I am not an attorney and would welcome input from anyone with connections to other law firms who might represent me. I'm willing to work on this and would like the support and skill of an experienced attorney to help ensure I am successful. Hoping others are taking what actions they can too.

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8% of human DNA is viral in origin and some of the proteins that they code for are beneficial to human existence. Vaccines may be negatively impacting our overall place in the universe. Not to mention, they may be contributing to the inheritance of non-beneficial genes which simply leads to more medical interventions in the future. Nature’s “survival of the fittest” already has the public’s health, at the expense of the individual, naturally built into the system of evolution.

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