And the WHO's own data shows that Sweden and Japan, two nations WITHOUT vaccine mandates, significantly did better in terms of All-Cause mortality outcomes (lower!) than the nations which Bill Gates and the WHO would model their pandemic policies after. But even nations that were more restrictive than Sweden but far less than the USA, China, and Australia, still out-performed the USA-Fauci-Gates model by a considerable margin: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Ireland, to start.

So why would the public health officials in these nations want to surrender their sovereignty? Obviously, NOT in the best interests of their citizens.

I expect we will see some push back on this from some nations in Europe, and from Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, to start. It would be insanity to follow the WHO-Gates lead. Gates might have bought WHO -- but he hasn't bought Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, etc.

We'll see. But yes, the proposal is ridiculously bad.

If Gates had wanted to fight Covid and believed that the vaccines were key, he could have Open-Sourced one of the vaccines. The Gates Foundation has that kind of money. Instead, he refused to do exactly that: in fact, the vaccines were profitable to his "philanthropy." It seems this was always about power for him, and never about better public health outcomes.

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Also don’t expect Poland or Hungary to sign on either.

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I miss mean tweets (helps I’ve never been on Twitter)........ and fed babies, lower emissions, affordable food, thriving startups, affordable gas, kids not damaged by 2 years of masks, the federal government not funding insane ideology in schools and paper pusher trainings, international stability, and not fighting Putin in barely proxy wars to the last dead “-------ian”

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They aren't going to bother with an obesity crisis, they'll go straight to a racism pandemic as well as climate change. Maybe even guns.

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Want some recent stats (you can ignore my commentary) on obesity, diabetes, and hypertension in the USA? @ https://americanexile.substack.com/p/decolonizing-health-to-fight-fatphobia

Major increases since the 1960s, with dramatic rises over just the past two decades. It's bad -- really bad. So "look over there" instead. Not at what we've normalized for profit as a "typical" American lifestyle.

Likewise, the CDC claims that on over 5% of the Death Certificates, Covid-19 was the only listed cause. But as for the other 94% +, an AVERAGE of 4 (four) other conditions or comorbidities. See it visualized? https://rpubs.com/Thom_JH/Covid_Comorbidities

Polemic commentary on the same that you may ignore: @ https://americanexile.substack.com/p/covid-comorbidities-for-2020-and

Do everything you can NOT to turn over personal responsibility for your health to the State or Big Pharma.

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Correct, we already see the groundwork laid by CDC trying to medicalize “gun deaths” and bring it under the control of public health.

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Thank you for being the articulate and tireless leader representing and voicing our outrage.

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Unconstitutional & illegal. No resident in the White House has the Constitutional power to sign this & give it any meaning. It’s meaningless & only has power if we give it power. Our only answer should be a resounding No. And again, even if the dead brain signs it, it’s meaningless.

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Internally yes, I don’t see how this could be constitutional. But a main goal of the globalist is for them to have global power while eliminating access to the masses. It could severely restrict international travel and block anyone who doesn’t agree to their big pharma mandates from holding any position in any company that requires international travel - from truck drivers to executives. That opens the door for corporations to de facto enforce these rules by making “voluntary” compliance with IDs and tracking a pre-requisite for employment - any employment. And of course our massively bloated government will be sure to prop up those obedient corporations.

It’ll be enforced via private entities at the governments “request” exactly like vaccine mandates. And the backdrop enforcement is being landlocked.

It’s insane. Davos is filled with evil morons.

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I see your point, it must be resisted at all costs. Change of regime is absolutely necessary.

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Knock knock…

Who’s there?

WHO’s Gates.

These are obviously my gates you are knocking on. Now get the heck out of here with your stupid public health ideas!

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