LOL! But doc, they have good reason to think we're stupid. They know most folks watch the MSM and bow to experts.

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Sadly, too many are.

Universities, now, are just Useful Idiot Factories. Conveyor belts are churning out "social justice", "anti-racist", and "climate change" warriors as we speak.

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You’re a National Treasure, Aaron! 😹

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A tweet is worth a thousand words.

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Don't forget...

"‘I Like It, Actually’: Why So Many Older People Thrive in Lockdown"


(Quotes Sterling Lord who after this article moved to Florida before he died at 102)


"Man Who Lost Wife to Long COVID Marries Activist Who Helped Him Grieve in Stunning Sunset Wedding"


I did a deep dive on this because I was shocked to see someone die of "Long Covid". The headline should more accurately state:

"Man marries his wife's best friend/founder of a Long Covid support group which she suffered from since the late 90's after she killed herself over his infidelity"


"Professor Gosnell Combines Art and Science in Immersive Art Piece"


Benign headline aside, has two incredible quotes:

“As an astrophysicist, I'm a product of institutions that are steeped in systemic racism and white supremacy,” Gosnell says. “The tenets of white supremacy that show up [in physics] of individualism and exceptionalism and perfectionism… it’s either-or thinking, and there's no subtlety, there's no gray area. All of this manifests in the way that we think about our research, and what counts as good research, what counts as important research?”

"Most of Gosnell’s career has been dictated by the hyper-masculine world of astrophysics. "

(Yes, because I think hyper-masculine the first images that come to mind are Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson)


"Fact-checking the Paul-Fauci flap over Wuhan lab funding"


"Two Pinocchios"


"Column: Closing schools in the pandemic was bad. Keeping them all open would have been worse"


No Comment


"Child Covid deaths more than doubled in Florida as kids returned to the classroom"


Also, no comment


"Get vaxxed, already, so we can all get back to normal"


How did this age?

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To be fair, my driving has gotten worse.

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Good news Kamala about that bus-ride wifi--so as we're on one of our many 2023 trips to the funeral home, we can still shop online!

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I seriously think Kamala is high - on her own exhaust fumes.

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Oh, man! Tears of laughter. It's like reading the Babylon Bee.

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Hilarious collection!

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