In retrospect it’s rather lucky for the people in those poor countries they weren’t mass vaccinated with this crap Pfizer falsely calls a “vaccine,” but no one should be surprised by the lengths they go to in order to protect their taxpayer reallocation schemes. 1 billion people on Statins which aren’t actually all that effective. Tens of million succumbed to addiction big pharmacy knew would happen but hide to push opioids on Appalachia. More Americans died of adverse events from Vioxx than died in Vietnam. How many will die before we start holding actual humans criminally accountable for murder?

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A word to the wise: you must vet your sources of info and keep track of the honest providers. You can't trust the big media, big "social" media, or search engines to get you what you need to know.

I'm grateful to the diligent truth tellers, especially professionals who suffered for speaking out. They adapted to the gov/pharma-controlled channels and kept the cross-linking going. I got onto good folks in mid-2020 and kept hunting for them. Substack has been invaluable, but it's hard to subscribe to so many individuals.

However this evolves, one can never let his guard down. The bio-security state will not stop with the source control and mind control methods. The long-and-short of this is, how do you decide who's telling you the truth? The "father of all lies" has been roaming about from the beginning, pretending to enlighten. If the light inside you is darkness ... but this isn't intended to be a sermon!

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Thank you for all of your work, Aaron! I can't begin to tell you how many times I was removed from NEXTDOOR (and then re-instated when I emailed support) for spreading truth (mis-misinformation). I posted openly on ND about being suspended and for what. And others who were suspended for various reasons spoke up, and a former moderator spoke up. Apparently, there is a local group of moderators who decide to remove posts and suspend neighbors. They vote on it. And one woman wasn't voting to remove so she was removed as a moderator.

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